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Seminario Intensivo en Japón: Gestión de la Producción Avanzada

Para la obtención del Certificado TPS (Sistema de Producción Toyota)


This program will be implemented in collaboration with Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC).

 [506] For Production Managers, Engineers around the world


Enhanced Production Management
       - Intensive and Thorough Study    
                                  for attaining "TPS CERTIFICATE" -


 * An official certificate obtained by passing examination, established and operated by TPS Certificate Institute affiliated by TEC.


 See General Information and Your Guide [506] for the details.


Program Date: April 9 - 13, 2012 (7 staying days)
Participation Fee: JPY260,000.-
Including accommodation (6 nights), meals, participation fee for the seminar, travel insurance. (Exclusive of airfare, other expenses than stated above)
Venue: AOTS Chubu Kenshu Center (CKC)
37-12, Mukaihata, Kaizu-cho, Toyota, Aichi 470-0348
Tel: 81-565-43-2111 (Reception) Fax: 81-565-43-2112
Number of Participants:25-30 people (minimum number 20 people)


Contents (L: Lecture, V: Visit, E: Exercise) 
Accommodation & Meals Included
8 Sun
Arrive in Japan
9 Mon
L: Basics of Toyota Production System
L: Work place vitalization
L: How to organize work places in order
10 Tue
L: Equipment Improvement
L: Quality Improvement
L: Advance
11 Wed
E: Process Improvement
E: Logistics Improvement
12 Thu
V: Car Manufacturer
V: Model Factory implementing TPS
13 Fri
Mock Examination of TPS Certificate Grade-4
Wrap up: Overall Q & A, Answers and Explanation of the Exam
Certificate Awarding
14 Sat
Leave Japan

 *All sessions will be conducted in English or with English interpreters.

*The above date and contents of the schedule are subject to change. B:Breakfast,


 You can take it on April 14 by extending your stay in Japan. Just let us know when you apply for the seminar.


You will be requested to pay additionally for examination fee (JPY 5,000) as well as accommodation (JPY 6,000/night) and meals (JPY 2,500/day) for each extended stay. Test result will be delivered to your home country afterwards.


 Fill in the application forms which you can find on AOTS website, and submit them directly to NGC division, AOTS.

Due date for application: March 2, 2012        
 (your application must arrive at AOTS by above date)


Para más información, no dude en contactarse con nosotros al 4812-9747 o 4816-0288 de Lun a Vie de 13 a 17 hs. o bien a la casilla de mail: info@aotsargentina.org.ar



Contacto directo

Horario de oficina: de 08:00 a 12:00 hs.
Tel: (+54 11) 4811-7299
Email: info@aotsargentina.org.ar

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